Beam Store


  • This system is used for easy storage and retrieval of beams.


  • The machine works in both directions thereby allowing storage and retrieval of beams in the shortest possible time.
  • The machine is PLC with HMI controlled thereby allowing the user to conveniently select and call a beam.
  • Each Store is designed keeping individual customer’s requirements in mins and has the technological & structural strength to ensure minimal maintenance, safety and practicality of use.
  • The metal frames are manufactured from Structural Steel that meets with ISI standards.
  • The bars have U shaped wheels on the ends which slide on specially tempered flats that give it a long life. The design is also such these flats can be easily replaced when they wear out.
  • The entire system movement is achieved by a Geared Brake Motor for achieving precision when stopping the bars. The motor is also controlled by a Starter for a soft start and stop as well as easy acceleration & deceleration.
  • The beams are hooked to the bars by means of lateral steel cables with PVC covering, with bolts of high resistance and by “safety” crickets.
  • The electric control panel is arranged with protection degree IP 55.
  • At the beams loading/unloading side there are mounted some safety photocells for immediately stopping the store in case of any intervention during operation. After this stop the operator person has to restore the operation of the store by means of a pushbutton placed on the electric panel.
  • The stores are equipped with safety barrier on the loading / unloading section.
  • Independent lifting platforms (1 for each beam) can be provided optionally for loading and unloading of the beams from the bar.
  • Also available optionally is software for the creation of a data base for the management and supervision of the beam store.

Technical Specifications

  • Number of Beams Stored: Designed as per Customers Requirement
  • Number of Levels: Two to Four
  • Number of Beams on One Bar: 0ne to Three
  • Speed: 7 meters / min in both directions

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