• ALMAC has designed and developed Fabric Rolling Machines to suit all types of applications. These machines can either be used independently or can be combined with any other processing machine. We engineer machines that allow rolling of any type of woven, knitted and / or non-woven materials and are designed to give tight and compact rolls in the most elastic to heaviest fabrics like industrial textiles weighing up to 1000 gsm.
  • Give us your module mix and we will integrate them in just the right way to suit your needs.


  • Various models available allow input from plaited and / or small rolls and output in small rolls e Forward & reverse (not full) movement of fabric
  • Face in/ face out operation
  • Jog/run operation with instantaneous start & stop
  • Foot switch operation
  • Tensioning device and guide rollers add adequate amount of tension in fabric
  • All guide rollers made from aluminum thus rust free for life
  • Crease free winding of fabric
  • Compact rolls due to differential ratio of the batcher rolls
  • Perfect edge guidance with accurate length measurement
  • Inventors with built in PLC drive our machines

Technical Specifications

  • Variable speed from 0 — 60 meters / min
  • 1500 — 6000 mm sizes engineered by us
  • Power requirements as per country of use


  • LengthMAC : Extremely accurate electronic length measurement giving accuracy of +0.01%
  • PredetermineMAC : Automatic machine stop at preset length
  • OpticutMAC : Optimised cut map generator
  • BarcodeMAC : Barcode label printer & reader
  • AutocutMAC : Auto cross cutter
  • WeighMAC : Electronic weighing of small rolls with an accuracy of +50 grams
  • DoffMAC : Auto doffer
  • PowerunwindMAC : Positively driven power unwinder for delicate materials
  • SelvedgeshiftMAC : Automatic fabric & selvedge shifter for thick selvedges

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