Loom Batcher / Batching Motion TC4 with Continuous Draw


  • Batching Motion model TC4 winds the fabric with continuous draw and constant tension.
  • These batchers are of the tangential type that have been specially developed and designed for checking and forming of big rolls of delicate fabrics such as technical fabrics, terry, etc.
  • They are indeed suitable for fabrics which support constant tension in the warp but may suffer alterations in the weft.
  • Tension in the fabric is controlled by a dancing roller with adjustable weight.
  • Equipped with a device for maintaining the compactness of the fabric roll.
  • The batchers can be fitted with a screen for inspection of the fabric that can be equipped with a neon lamp & a spot light to check the transparency in the fabric and / or a narrow beam light for inspection of the weft defects.

Technical Specifications

  • Looms width: 1800 — 6000 mm sizes engineered by us
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 1500 mm
  • Type of Fabric: Manmade Textiles such as Terry and Technical Textiles such as Wrapper, Belting, Coated, Tarpaulin, Glass, Airbag, Aramid, Mono Filament, Multi Filament, Carpet Backing, Geo Textiles etc.
  • Cardboard core internal dia: 75 ~ 100 mm


  • Heavy Pressing Roller with Guides
  • Doffing Mechanical with hand lever
  • Pneumatic Doffing
  • Light Inspection Screen

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