Loom Batcher / Batching Motion TCTM with Continuous Pull (Inside Loom)


  • Batching Motion model TCTM winds the fabric with continuous pull (tangential system-inside loom).
  • The winding speed is controlled by an adjustable geared motor that works in constant torque.
  • The torque is adjustable in relation to the different types of fabric.
  • It can also run in the opposite direction.

Technical Specifications

  • Looms width: 1800 — 6000 mm sizes engineered by us
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 800 mm
  • Type of Fabric: Denim, Bottom Weight, Shirting, Terry, Home Textiles etc.
  • Cardboard core internal dia: 50 mm


  • Manual Doffer : This manual doffer would be operated by a pulling a hand lever.

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