Loom Batcher / Batching Motion TAI with Accumulator & Inspection


  • In this model the Accumulator, Inspection and Batcher are in a separate room below or above the Loom Shed so inspection and weaving are independent of each other.
  • This leads to huge savings capital expenditure as well as operating cost of the humidification system in a Loom Shed due to reduction in its size.
  • Lighted inspection stand actually stimulates cloth room inspection and allows defects to be detected as soon as they are made on the loom and thus stopping more from being made.
  • Angular Inspection stand arrangement allows convenient on loom-inspection.
  • High Density Accumulator allows fabric storage up to 26 m.
  • Heavy-duty design that will batch large rolls up to 1500 mm in diameter.
  • Take-up rolls are manufactured to take-up extremely heavy rolls of weight as much as 6000 lb. or 2727 kgs.
  • The electrical components are kept separate from the mechanical ones for the safety of the maintenance staff. The electrical panel is equipped with circuit breakers for protection against overloading.

Technical Specifications

  • Looms width: 1800 — 6000 mm sizes engineered by us
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 1500 mm
  • Type of Fabric: Denim, Shirting, Bottom Weight, Home Textiles etc.
  • Accumulation: 7m
  • Maximum Forward / Reverse Speed: 17 mpm (Fixed)
  • Cardboard core internal dia: 75 ~ 100 mm


  • Manual Doffer : The semi-automatic doffing of the finished roll is through by a pneumatic cylinder with a push of a button. Only a single pneumatic cylinder pushes the fabric roll of the Batcher.
  • Pneumatic Stop Device : This device allows the operator to stop of fabric for its repair on the rear side.
  • LengthMAC : LengthMAC is our electronic length measuring system which measures the movement of the fabric through an encoder connected to a knurled aluminum wheel on the bottom of the fabric and spring loaded nylon roller on the top. This mechanical arrangement ensures there is no slippage in the fabric.
  • Loom Monitoring System : This allows online monitoring of the stoppages of the Loom and its efficiency. It also allows the inspector to enter defects observed during the inspection process so as to accurately capture the quality of the fabric during the weaving stage.

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