Long Chain Beamer (LCB) for Re-Beaming


  • We along with our partners GAP Project Srl are producing the most technologically advanced equipment for the Denim Industry.
  • Our Beaming Machine is used for the formation of yarn spun beams coming from vessel. The spun yarn is opened from bundled yarn and wrapped through a comb on a beam with flanges. The winding is axial, starting from one side of the beam.


  • The machine consists of three parts:
    Guiding Rope Deflector
    Deflector Tower with Drum Brakes
    Axial Warper
  • PLC based control system.
  • Touch Screen Control Panel with Recipe Software to memorize all the articles & machine setup parameters.
  • Axial batching motion with production speed up to 500 m/min.
  • Automatic Tension Control System through Load Cell.
  • Controlled Acceleration & Deceleration with electronic Speed Control.
  • Semi-automatic pneumatic lifter for loading/unloading of the beam.
  • Warp Stop Motion System to automatically stop the machine with even a single yarn break.
  • Blowing Systems provided at the Comb and Deflector Towers.

Technical Specifications

  • Beam Size:
  • Flange Dia.: up to 1500 mm
  • Internal Distance: up to 2400 mm
  • Beam Tare Weight: 230 kg
  • Spun Net Weight: max. 700 kg
  • Full Beam Gross Weight : up to 1000 kg

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