• ALMAC has designed and developed Fabric Folding Machines to suit all types of applications. Any type of Woven, Non-Woven or knitted Fabrics can be folded on our machines. They can be designed to handle any type of fabric in roll form, plaited form etc.
  • Give us your module mix and we will integrate them in just the right way to suit your needs.


  • Highly versatile design since it can handle all types of fabrics.
  • Fabric can be inlet into the machine either in a plaited form or in roll form.
  • The double folding arrangement using triangular frame is mounted on two fabricated sidewalls and designed to for very accurate and crease-free doubling of the fabric.
  • This arrangement includes two folding rollers underneath the triangular frame, which guide the fabric to the rolling / lapping arrangement.
  • The fabric flows over a laminated wooden table of 1 meter, which can be used for stamping, cutting etc. of the fabric before rolling or lapping.
  • The rolling arrangement is center driven by an independent motor geared motor and is housed on two fabricated sidewalls.
  • When rolling on a paper tube, the machines comes with an Air Shaft and Safety Chuck which holds the tube tightly thus not allowing it to shift sideways. The safety chuck has been provided to ensure the shaft doesn't unlock while the rolling thus providing 100% safety to the operator.
  • Sensors for automatic stoppage of fabric at inlet so as to save time on re-treading the machine.

Technical Specifications

  • Folding capacity is 50 meters per minute.
  • Power requirements vary from 0.75 H.P. to 5 H.P. depending upon the modules you select.
  • We engineer machines suitable for 1524 mm to 4064 mm fabric width sizes.


  • LengthMAC : We offer a variety of length measuring options to suit your requirements from more accurate mechanical devices to the most accurate electronic ones. We provide accuracies up to +/- 1mm. Our electronic devices come with a digital display for easy viewing of the production data.
  • PredetermineMAC : Our electronic length measuring devices can be installed with a feature to cut predetermined fabric lengths repeatedly. Up to 10 predetermined length can be saved, changed or modified conveniently. Totaling facility to get exact total of all the rolls inspected in a particular shift. RS 232 connectivity for connecting to labeling printer or computer.
  • AutoedgeMAC : For ensuring both the edges are perfectly aligned over each other, an Automatic Edge Guiding Mechanism is provided. This mechanism has sensors on both the edges that constantly sense the position of the edges and accordingly move the two folding rollers to as to align the edges one over the other after folding. The movement of the folding rollers by a motorized screw type arrangement.
  • AutocutMAC : We offer a motorized cutter to cut the exact cut length as desired by your customer. The cutter can be conveniently programmed to cut the exact length as desired by you.
  • Cradle : comes with 5 / 6 rollers running on ball bearings to place the fabric roll. This arrangement allows tensionless unwinding of the fabric.
  • Power Unwinder : In order to ensure tensionless un-winding of finished fabric from rolls, the machine comes equipped with a power unwinder. This equipment has two side boxes which hold two bed rollers on bearings and has its own independent geared motor and drive system which is synchronized with the rest of the machine in a way to allow tensionless operation from rolls.
  • Automatic Unloading Device for Lapped Fabrics : Pneumatically operated device for unloading lapped fabrics on heavy duty cardboard's automatically.
  • Bar Coding : The last step is the bar coding for easy inventory management of your finished fabric. We take up bar coding for our machines as well as for your entire plant.
  • Weighing Device : This device is still under development. Once developed this device will enable online weighing of the fabric as and when they are getting fabric. The digital display to show the weight of the fabric will be a part of the device. Please inquire to find out the development of this device.

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