Loom Batcher / Batching Motion TCX (Axial Winding)


  • Batcher for axial winding with drive in axial arrangement.
  • Especially suitable for delicate fabrics, requiring a continuous and constant draw and which, when supporting in the warp will suffer alterations in the weft.
  • This model allows rolling up to large diameters using a digressive fabric tension system.
  • Compactness of the fabric roll achieved using special techniques.
  • The batcher is equipped safety chucks which are rotating and self centering supports having U or V- type design for loading the beam.
  • Vector control digital drive.
  • PLC based Tension Control System.
  • Weaver Platform for easy fabric passage and for the convenience of the operator while using the Loom.

Technical Specifications

  • Looms width: 1800 — 6000 mm sizes engineered by us
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 1500 mm
  • Type of Fabric: Open Glass, Fine Glass Fiber, Carbon Fiber, Grids, Aramid, Delicate Coated, PTFE Glass Fiber, etc.
  • Accumulation: 7m
  • Cardboard core internal dia: 75 ~ 100 mm


  • LengthMAC : LengthMAC is our electronic length measuring system which measures the movement of the fabric through an encoder connected to a knurled aluminum wheel on the bottom of the fabric and spring loaded nylon roller on the top. This mechanical arrangement ensures there is no slippage in the fabric.
  • Loom Monitoring System : This allows online monitoring of the stoppages of the Loom and its efficiency. It also allows the inspector to enter defects observed during the inspection process so as to accurately capture the quality of the fabric during the weaving stage.

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