• We along with our partners GAP Project Srl are producing the most technologically advanced equipment for the Denim Industry. Our Ball Warper is fully programmable and flexible model to fit all our customer’s requirements. In our machine, a perfect yarn laydown is achieved to the automatic regulation of the traverse speed according to the ball winding speed.
  • This Machine is used for the formation of yarn bobbins coming from a creel. The spun yarn is bundled and wrapped on a beam core, by means of a traversing yarn-guide.


  • The machine consists of three parts:
    Batcher with Ball Unloading System
    Tower with Yarn Tensioning through Electric Brakes.
    Comb with Pneumatic Meter Control.
  • Microprocessor control system with Touch Panel.
  • Recipe software to memorize more articles machine setup parameters.
  • Tangential batching motion.
  • Pneumatic pressing with auto regulation for constant or degressive pushing.
  • Drive with electronic control – pneumatic control braking.
  • Ball Width Regulation.
  • Traversing yarn guide with electronic position control.
  • Separate powder braking with turret for the control of yarn.

Technical Specifications

  • Speed: up to 600 meters per min
  • Max. Ball Diameter: 1000 mm

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