Double Folding & Plaiting Machine Type ADF II


  • Swastik Engg. & Mfg. Co. Ltd., the erstwhile sister concern of ALMAC are the pioneers in introducing Fabric Folding Machines in India in the late 1950’s. We have designed machines to suit all types of applications to allow folding of any type of woven fabric from the lightest to the heaviest weighing up to 1000 gsm.
  • Give us your module mix and we will integrate them in just the right way to suit your needs.


  • Output from this machine is accurate 1 meter folds
  • Single Folding arrangement does open width folding of fabric
  • Double Folding arrangement first doubles and then folds the fabric
  • Only forward movement of fabric takes place (reverse is optional)
  • Tensioning device and guide rollers add adequate amount of tension in fabric
  • Perfect synchronization of fabric through dancing roller assembly for DFRM
  • All guide rollers made from aluminum thus rust free for life
  • Crease and tension free folding of fabric

Technical Specifications

  • Variable Speed from 0 – 50 meters / min (up to 250 cms width)
  • Variable Speed from 0 – 35 meters / min (above 250 cms width)
  • 1250 – 4000 mm sizes engineered by us
  • Allows pile stacking up to 38 cms in height
  • Power requirements as per country of use


  • LengthMAC : Extremely accurate electronic length measurement giving accuracy of +0.01%
  • PredetermineMAC : Automatic machine stop at preset length
  • UnwindMAC : Cradle with six rollers
  • PowerunwindMAC : Positively driven power unwinder for large rolls
  • E+L Guiders with High Entry : For centering of fabric
  • DoublefoldedgeMAC : Electromagnetic guiders for perfect edge alignment after double folding
  • RailsewMAC : Semi-automatic railway sewing system

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