• ALMAC has designed and developed several options that enhance the performance of our machines and productivity of the operator working on our machines. These also give the highest level of accuracy and consistency in performance of our machines which are required to sustain in the stringent market conditions that are governed by skyrocketing customer expectations and global price competition
  • Our TQMS options are a cost initially but in the long term lead to huge cost savings by improving productivity and delivering superior quality and performance.
  • Give us your module mix and we will integrate them in just the right way to suit your needs.


  • LengthMAC : Extremely accurate electronic length measurement giving accuracy of +0.01%
  • PredetermineMAC : Automatic machine stop at preset length
  • DataMAC : Computerised defect data logging & analysing system
  • OpticutMAC : Optimised cut map generator
  • WidthmonitorMAC : Automatic width monitoring system
  • BarcodeMAC : Barcode label printer & reader
  • LabelMAC : Fault marking device
  • RailsewMAC : Semi-automatic railway sewing system
  • AutocutMAC : Auto cross cutter
  • selvedgesshiftMAC : Automatic fabric & selvedge shifter for thick selvedges
  • WeighMAC : Electronic weighing of small rolls with an accuracy of +50 grams
  • UnwindMAC : Two roll surface unwinder
  • PowerunwindMAC : Positively driven power unwinder for Large Rolls
  • AutonipMAC : Automatically operated nip rollers
  • HandsfreeMAC : Foot pedal operation
  • ComfortMAC : Sliding operator chair
  • MendMAC : Horizontal mending platform with underneath lighting
  • E+L Guiders with High Entry : For centering of fabric
  • DoffMAC : Auto doffer

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