In order to provide support to greater than ever productivity in the fabric forming industry, ALMAC in collaboration with BOND, now produces Off Loom Take-up Systems. Bond Textile Machinery, Inc. has literally sold thousands of the Bond Off Loom Large Roll Take-ups operating with Sulzer Weaving Machines as well as almost every other make of weaving machine. This machine is well proven to last more than 20 years with almost no maintenance.


  • ALMAC in technical collaboration with BOND, USA have and can design & developed Loom Take-Ups (Batching Motions) to suit all types of applications. Any type of Woven, Non-Woven or knitted Fabrics can be taken up on our machines.
  • Give us your module mix and we will integrate them in just the right way to suit your needs.


  • Various models available allow batching of fabric up to 72โ€ 8 or with on-loom inspection along with a host of options e Heavy duty design
  • Automatic synchronization with the weaving machine
  • Positive tension adjustment allows precise operation of any fabric on any loom ยข Operator's platform with anti-fatigue material and toe-guards
  • Forward & reverse (not full) movement of fabric
  • Face in / face out operation
  • Crease free winding of fabric
  • Compact rolls due to differential ratio of the batcher rolls
  • Inventors with built in PLC drive our machines
  • Low maintenance

Efficiency Advantages

  • Reduced doffing required due to the large diameters rolls greatly reduces manpower in the weaving room.
  • Tremendous reduction in the number of seams, making the subsequent dying, printing, finishing, cutting and sewing operations more economical.
  • With fabric inspection carried out at the loom, a large number of defects can be eliminated.

Technical Specifications

  • Variable speed from 0 โ€” 1.15 meters / min
  • 1800 โ€” 6000 mm sizes engineered by us
  • Power requirements as per country of use


  • LengthMAC : Extremely accurate electronic length measurement giving accuracy of +0.01%
  • DoffMAC : Semi-automatic roll doffer
  • SelvedgeshiftMAC : Automatic fabric & selvedge shifter for thick selvedges
  • Selvedge Draw-off Device : For automatic collection of selvedges cut on the weaving machine
  • On-Loom Inspection
  • Accumulator : For 100% inspection of fabric

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