• ALMAC has designed and developed Fabric Inspection Machines to suit all types of applications. We engineer machines that allow inspection of any type of grey & finished open width knitted fabrics and are designed to control tension in the most elastic fabrics with Lycra in them.
  • Give us your module mix and we will integrate them in just the right way to suit your needs.


  • Various models available allow input & output from plaited, small rolls and / or batch rolls A-frames
  • Overhead & underneath lighting
  • Changeable angle of inspection platform
  • Forward & reverse movement of fabric
  • Face in / face out operation
  • Jog/run operation with instantaneous start & stop
  • Piece-end detector automatically stops machine
  • High speed scroll rolls remove edge curling & creases
  • All guide rollers made from aluminum thus rust free for life
  • Tension free flow of fabric is achieved by precise synchronization between different points of the machine
  • Perfect edge guidance with accurate length measurement
  • Invertors with built in PLC drive our machines

Tension Control Feature

  • The changeable Inspection Table angle on the machine allows the user to fix the angle for maximum free Flow of fabric on it.
  • The sensor arrangement ensures that loose fabric is fed into the inspection Table at all times. The system has been designed to ensure no tension or slack in the fabric at that stage.
  • The batching device is provided with a fine-tuning speed pot which allows the user to adjust the rewinding speed separately from that of the Table. This removes any possibility of fabric stretch.
  • The above feature allows tension free winding wherein the fabric is wound fairly loose without any stretch in it.
  • In order to synchronize the speed between the Inspection Table and Plaiting Device, a dancing roller assembly has been provided.
  • The whole system has been tuned to very sensitive soft start settings and adequate delays, which eliminates the initial tension possibilities

Technical Specifications

  • Variable speed from 0 — 50 meters / min
  • 1500 — 6000 mm sizes engineered by us
  • Angle changeable from 45° to 60°
  • Inspection platform height is 1.3 m
  • Underneath lighted area is 600 mm in height
  • Power requirements as per country of use


  • LengthMAC : Extremely accurate electronic length measurement giving accuracy of +0.01%
  • PredetermineMAC : Automatic machine stop at preset length
  • DataMAC : Computerised defect data logging & analysing system
  • OpticutMAC : Optimised cut map generator
  • WidthmonitorMAC : Automatic width monitoring system
  • BarcodeMAC : Barcode label printer & reader
  • LabelMAC : Fault marking device
  • RailsewMAC : Semi-automatic railway sewing system
  • AutocutMAC : Auto cross cutter
  • WeighMAC : Electronic weighing of small rolls with an accuracy of +50 grams
  • DoffMAC : Auto doffer
  • AirfloatationMAC : Air floatation device for removing tension in fabric
  • AutonipMAC : Automatically operated nip rollers
  • HandsfreeMAC : Foot pedal operation
  • ComfortMAC : Sliding operator chair

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