Bond Systems Inc. (USA)

BOND Systems Inc., USA previously known as Bond Textile Machinery was founded by Mr. Bob Bond in 1967. Loom Take-Up and the 3 in 1 Inspection System were innovations of BOND Textile Machinery.

ALMAC entered into a strategic alliance with M/s. BOND Systems in the year 1997 to exchange technological know-how. With this alliance ALMAC introduced the Loom Batchers / Take-Ups / Batching Motions.

Sample Making Machines & Solutions – POLYTEX, SWITZERLAND

POLYTEX, SWITZERLAND is a market leader in Fabric Sample Making Machines & Systems for making Waterfall Cards, Hangers, Books etc for more than 75 years.

In the year 2000, ALMAC & POLYTEX entered into a Joint Venture to produce some of their machines in India. In nearly 20 years of existence in India, the JV continues to dominate the Indian market with its Sample Making Solutions.

Automatic Camera Inspection System – SHELTON VISION, UK

SHELTON VISION is a Machine vision specialist and leader in the application of machine vision technology for demanding industrial applications. They at SHELTON incorporate cognitive computing and artificial intelligence (AI) to ‘understand’ the fabric appearance and enable system setting to be calculated by the system and automatically applied so that each style has the perfect inspection setting to ensure detection and avoid false alarms. Deep learning techniques are employed to determine the defect type (classification) and severity (grade) of defects in real time, as well as to further refine detection and filtering capability.

In the year 2007 after the Munich ITMA, ALMAC and SHELTON decided to work together for the Indian market to help customers automate their Inspection Departments. Considerable progress has happened since in the hardware & software technology and thus putting our partnership on the cusp of major break-through after years of efforts.

Batching Motions or Loom Batchers and Beam Stores – GAP PROJECT, ITALY

GAP Project was created by the same founders as FORMIA NOUVA, a market leader in manufacturing Loom Batchers or Batching Motions for all types of textiles such as denim, terry, etc. and technical textiles such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, wrapper, poly propylene, nylon etc. Apart from Batchers, GAP also specializes in Beam or Roll Stores and Denim Preparation Machines.

In the year 2013, ALMAC and GAP entered into a collaboration to manufacture GAP’s range of machines in India. Since then, we continue to collaborate successfully and have done several important installations at customers such as Mecords India, Bhavik Terry etc.

Knit Fabric & Sock Finishing Machines: HELIOT INTERNATIONAL, TURKEY

HELIOT was born in 1891 and was one of the first machine builders for the treatment of footwear and knitted fabric. Today, they continue to manufacture and export Knit Fabric and Socks Finishing Machines worldwide bringing hundred years of HELIOT expertise and tradition to their customers.

In the year 2009, ALMAC and HELIOT started working together and have successfully done several installations across the country for Knit Finishing as well as Socks Boarding Machines.

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