FM 2000


  • Fabric Inspection Machine model FM 2000 has been specially designed in Italy for tensionless inspection of all types of Stretch Fabrics.


  • External light placed over the inspection table, with DAY LIGHT bulbs.
  • Suction conveyor belt, already widely tested. This systems allows measuring all types of fabric, including delicate knitted fabrics (IN-BUILT SELF-CONTROLLED ASPIRATION UNIT)
  • Angle chaneable inspection table with illumination which allows the operator to select the angle of view based on the type of fault.
  • Motorised inclination of the inspection table.
  • Rolling device has automatic edge alingnment with photocells for alignment of the fabric. It is also equiped with a electronic roll density varying device. Winds max rolls up to 50 cm diameter.
  • Staggered zigzag overlapping of selvedge electro-controlled by PLC for thick selvedges.
  • End-of-piece photocell.
  • Contact unwinding on two cylinders, for fabric rolls up to max 50 cm diameter.
  • The roll can be unwound face in or face our.
  • In order to facilitate the insertion of a new roll and edge sewing, the unwinding unit with machine in stop position can be run forward or backward with jog control.
  • Electronic digital meter counter, the features are: Partial view of the piece length,Production counter,Manual / electronic reset,Length of machine stop can be set by the operator,Precise measurement tolerance with a guarantee of maximum 0.4% tension along the length of the fabric.
  • Working cycle controlled by PLC.
  • Fabric tension is electronically controlled by pnuematically operated compensators with constant torque and proportional valve (unwinder and rewinder) both are managed by a single control.
  • The machine photocells (2 for selvedge centering, 1 for end-of-piece) are “focused type” thus also suitable for "transparent" fabrics.
  • Blowing system to open rolled selvedges in knitted fabrics.


  • The synchronisation speed between the unwinding rollers, vacuum conveyor, and winding rollers is controlled logic built in the PLC.
  • The vacuum conveyor is inclined with an angle to facilitate tension free transport of the fabric. It is also equipped with a patented suction system that prevents sliding of the fabric on the conveyor and thus it remains glued to the conveyer.
  • Compensation of fabric tension is by way of dancer, electronically controlled pnuematic cylinders proportional valve generating constant torque. This device has an absolute Additional control on the winding tighness in the fabric roll is managed by a potentiometer located on the arm commands that regulates the speed of the winder roller. Using the potentiometer is obtained of the desired compactness.
  • The rolling device is controlled also by a system to achieve perfect alignment of the fabric so that it does not stretch due change in direction.
  • Blowing system to open rolled selvedges in knitted fabrics along with motorsied scroll roller ensures full width of fabric is wound during rolling.

Technical Specifications

  • Variable speed from 0 — 50 meters / min
  • 1500 — 6000 mm sizes engineered by us
  • Angle changeable from 45° to 60°
  • Inspection platform height is 1.3 m
  • Underneath lighted area is 600 mm in height
  • Power requirements as per country of use


  • LengthMAC : Extremely accurate electronic length measurement giving accuracy of +0.01%
  • PredetermineMAC : Automatic machine stop at preset length
  • DataMAC : Computerised defect data logging & analysing system
  • OpticutMAC : Optimised cut map generator
  • WidthmonitorMAC : Automatic width monitoring system
  • BarcodeMAC : Barcode label printer & reader
  • LabelMAC : Fault marking device
  • RailsewMAC : Semi-automatic railway sewing system
  • AutocutMAC : Auto cross cutter
  • WeighMAC : Electronic weighing of small rolls with an accuracy of +50 grams

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